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Lapis Sun Studs

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Newly designed earrings studs featuring two 10mm moss agate cabochons set in a sterling silver bezel with a beaded wire embellished frame. Studs are polished and patinated (patina/colored) to enhance the bezel detail.  Moss agates are clear to milky white, with branch like inclusions of manganese or iron that grow into patterns similar to moss and resemble moss or trees from a distance. Known as crystals of gardeners, moss agates is believed to bring the wearer "health, friends and riches".

Materials include:
:: Sterling Silver
:: Fine Silver
:: Moss Agate Stone

height = 0.53 in
depth = 0.65 in (including ear studs)
width = 0.52 in

Earring wire is 19guage or 0.99mm thick.

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