• Copper Circles Cuff
  • Copper Circles Cuff
  • Copper Circles Cuff
  • Copper Circles Cuff

Creative Dexterity

Copper Circles Cuff

$ 28.00


Handcrafted adjustable cuff features a variety of overlapping shapes of circles on the front of the bracelet. Pattern was laid on copper sheet which then went through the metal etching process. After the copper cuff was thoroughly cleaned it was then hand formed, oxidized to enhance details of the design then sanded back to a matte finish. Front and back of the cuff was sealed with a thin layer of non-tonic and fragrance free sealant. This is prevent a quick tarnish time but through everyday wear and exposure to other elements (air, water, drastic temperature change, soaps etc.) copper will tarnish in time.

Depth (thickness) = 0.12 inches
Length = 6 inches
Height = 1 inches

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