• Power Standby Symbol Cufflinks
  • Power Standby Symbol Cufflinks
  • Power Standby Symbol Cufflinks

Creative Dexterity

Power Standby Symbol Cufflinks

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Computers and technology play such a major role in our daily work and social lives. As a jewelry designer I naturally wanted to incorporate them into modern day fashion while making a quirky statement about our technology obsessed culture.

Turn it on! This one-of-a-kind cufflinks features the Macbook power or standby key button. With the exception of the key and cuff backs everything else was handmade and assembled. Each button is set in silver bezel much like a gemstone would be. Cufflinks will be polished and have artists initials on back. Great gift for you or your tech-savvy friend.

Materials include:
:: Sterling Silver
:: Sterling Silver Cufflinks
:: Fine Silver
:: rePURPOSED Plastic Computer Key - Power Standby On/Off Button

length = 0.74 inches (including cufflink back)
width = 0.72 inches (including cufflink back)
height = 0.46 inches


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