Toss Back Tuesday: Universal Signs

Toss Back Tuesday: Universal Signs

Welcome to my first monthly addition of Creative Dexterity's 'Toss Back Tuesday' to where I go deep into my 'Creative Archives' of arts, crafts, metalsmithing and beyond. It's a chance for me to revisit and showcase my previous work!

Copper pendant featuring the universal human figures exercising.    


This month's collection was based on universal signs and symbols; no matter what language you speak you'll most likely share the understanding of what is going on. 

I did these pieces post undergrad (late 2000's) when I didn't have access to a full studio set up and relied on my jewelers saw and my bench pin



Most were made in base metal (copper, brass) to begin with; at times incorporating colored acrylic (added some fun contract) then a few in sterling silver.  All of them were kept in their rounded square shape, to mimic wearable signs.

What's you favorite universal sign? 



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