• Home Key Tie Tack/Pin
  • Home Key Tie Tack/Pin
  • Home Key Tie Tack/Pin

Creative Dexterity

Home Key Tie Tack/Pin

$ 40.00


'Home' sweet Home!  This handmade tie-tack/pin is made using a recycled HOME key from a Apple Macbook! Great accessory for your jacket, sweater, business suit or backpack! Fun piece that is sure to start a conversation.

Materials include:
::: Sterling Silver
::: Nickel Silver Tie Tack
::: Recycled Plastic Mac Computer Key

Size & Measurements:
- depth = 0.12 inches (not including tie tack)
- depth = 0.59 inches (including tie tack)
- width = 0.66 inches
- height = 0.38 inches

Piece is polished and has artists initials on back.


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